Effective Leadership and the Ambivalence of Human Interest. The Nigerian Paradox in a Complementary Perspective

by Innocent I. Asouzu 

 Format: Paperback

Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 172

ISBN: 978-007-144-8
Published: September 2003. Publisher:
Calabar University Press

Book Description

The book handles the thorny problem of leadership, most especially as it is applicable to the contemporary Nigerian society, from a unique and very refreshing perspective. It identifies the phenomenon of the ambivalence of human interest as something that can hold individuals and societies to ransom because of its capacity to conceal its devastating effects. With numerous concrete examples drawn from everyday life in Nigeria, the author sheds much light on the nature of this phenomenon and provides insight into the type of solution required in a complex situation as we have it today in human societies. The author draws attention of the reader to why human beings are unable to do those things they identify as good but insist on doing those things they recognise and even criticise as wrong. Thus the book throws much light on the question why people live contradictory and paradoxical lives.


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