The Heavy Burden of Philosophy

beyond African Philosophy

by Innocent I. Asouzu

Pages: 336

ISBN: 3-8258-0538-8

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First Published: 2007 by LIT Verlag Publishers, Münster Germany

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Book Description:

The book investigates the phenomenon of unintended ethnocentric commitment as the Ibuarụ (heavy burden) of philosophy as a culture-related undertaking in the age of globalization. Drawing examples from within and outside African philosophy the author shows the special character of the problem beyond the classical issue of value-oriented bias in inquiry. With particular reference to African philosophy, the author shows how this phenomenon has to do with what he calls the “Tempelsian damage”. He delves into matters arising from this phenomenon as they relate to the “universal and categorical character statements”, “raw and complementary cognitive ambiences”, “encrypted phenomena”, “the arụsi controversy”, “conceptual decolonization”, “meaning and language”, “origin of ideas”, “copycat-philosophy” etc.