Ikwa Ogwe.

Essential Readings in Complementary Reflection.

A Systematic Methodological Approach.

By Innocent I. Asouzu

Pages: 439

ISBN: 978-016-595-4

First Published 2007 by Saesprint Publishers, Calabar, Nigeria.

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Book Description:

The main title of the book “Ikwa Ogwe” is derived from the Igbo language. Ikwa = build; Ogwe= bridge. Thus, Ikwa Ogwe means “building a bridge” in the scientific sense of adopting a methodological systematic approach to an inquiry. It is in this sense of methods and systems serving as bridges (ogwe) that traditional Igbo philosophers of the complementary system of thought aver, onye kwaa ogwe, amara uche ya (it is when one builds a bridge that we know his mind). The book offers a collection of some of Prof. Asouzu’s numerous efforts devoted to “Complementary Reflection”, as a major philosophical trend in contemporary African philosophy. Thus, this book offers one of the most comprehensive attempts at giving an outline of some of those themes the author has handled from the perspective of complementary reflection, as a major philosophical trend in contemporary African philosophy. It does this in a systematic methodological way and this is what marks it out. Just as building a bridge or ikwa ogwe, this book is designed to enable the reader understand how the basic assumptions of complementary reflection can be applied to diverse areas of knowledge and to practical issues of existence. The essays span a period of over twenty-five years in the course of which the author has tried to articulate his ideas into a system and follows a method peculiar to this system in presenting his ideas. The book is intended to augment some of the major works of the author.