Ibuanyidanda (Complementary Reflection), African Philosophy and General Issues in Philosophy


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Announcement of Lecture at Bern, Switzerland: "Philosophie, Daseinsbewältigung und Complementary Reflection (Philosophy, Overcoming Existential Tension and Complementary Reflection" by Prof. Innocent. I. Asouzu

Lecture on "African Philosophy Today" in Switzerland


Burning Issues in Ibuanyidanda Philosophy (Complementary Reflection), Philosophy and African Philosophy

Some Basic Ideas of Ibuanyidanda Philosophy

Ada, Agada. "African Philosophy and the Challenge of Innovative Thinking"

Akpan Etorobong Godwin: Quine, Being and Universals in African Philosophy

Akpan Chris: Ambivalence of human interest as an index of rational explanation 

Asouzu Innocent: The complementary comprehensive noetic alternative

Asouzu Innocent: Complementary Reflection and Forestalling the Scramble for Africa

Asouzu Innocent: Nature of authentic human action and Complementary Reflection 

Asouzu Innocent: On “Global Knowledge Economy”

Asouzu Innocent: “The Challenges of Super-maxim to Judgment and Actions".

Asouzu Innocent: Ïbuanyidanda"and the Philosophy of Essence (Philosophy the Science of Missing Links of Reality) - Inaugural Lecture

Asouzu Innocent: Ibuanyidanda und der Herausforderungen der Doppelwertigkeit unserer Lebenserfahrungen - Text to this Lecture on Radio Gloria Switzerland

Asouzu Innocent: Award - Acceptance Speech

Asouzu Innocent: Fidelity to Western Metaphysics

Asouzu Innocent: Keynote Address: Changes, Adaptation and Complementary Noetic Transformation 

Edor John Edor The legitimizing role of the concept of "Joy of Being" in Asouzu's Complementary Reflection and the social and Ploitical Philosophies of Locke and Hobbes

Egbe Chidimma Ogbonna: The Epistemological Implications of Asouzu's "Ima-onwe-onye" or "Being-in-control"

Ekpo Benjamin Akaninyene: Leadership and Self-Interest in Innocent Asouzu: Its Relevance to the Nigerian Situation

Elogbo, James e. al.  -Classical Philosophy and Racism

Enyimba Maduka Kant's Metaphysics of Subjectivity and Asouzu's idea of  "Joy of  Being"

Esowe, Dimgba Dimgb Explanation, Supernaturalism and Complementary Rationality

Essien Ephraim Stephen: Human Rights and implications in Complementary Reflection

Etta, Emmanuel Efem Explanation as a Comprehensive Task in Complementary Reflection

Etuk Udo: Review of "The Method and Principles of Complementary Reflection In and Beyond African Philosophy".

Gmainer-Pranzl: zu: Innocent Izuchukwu Asouzu: The Method and Principles of Complementary Reflection in and beyond African Philosophy   Source: polylog 15 (2006)- Formen des Philosophierens

 Ibrahim Shakiru Adeshemola: Religious Intolerance and Asouzu's Complementary Ontology

Ijeoma Stanley: Innocent Asouzu's Concept of Authentic Existence and its Imperative in the Contemporary Africa

Inyang John:  Hegel and African Philosophy

Inyang John: Social engineering and ambivalence of human interest: the Nigeria experience

Ikegbu Ephraim: Complementary Reflection and Hierarchy of Social Order

Iwuagwu Emmanuel: Erklaeren Verstehen Problematik in African Philosophy

Iwuagwu Emmanuel:  Implications of Kant's philosophy for suicide, war, abortion, violence, terrorism, corruption etc.

Kidzu T. Oweh: Elements of complementary reflection as a philosophy of integration 

Kimmerle Heinz , Zoetermeer: Reaction to Innocent Asouzu’s Approach to African Philosophy and Asouzu's Reply

Kimmerle Heinz: Die schwere Last der Komplementarität: Antwort auf Innocent I. Asouzus Kritik an der interkulturellen Philosophie

Mesembe Edet:  How to teach Philosophy to make it relevant to Nigerian Students

Mesembe Edet: On the teaching of Western Philosophy in African Universities

Obi-Osang V. Titilayo: Realisation of Being in Human Action in Asouzu's Complementary Ontological Reflection 

Oguh, Joseph Ifeanyi: The Position of the Human Person in the Idea of Causality. An Exposition within the Context of Complementary Reflection. 

Okpo, Odumayak: The Idea of Truth within the Context of Ibuanyidanda                                                                                                                                                                                     

Onwubuariri, Francis: Appraising the Osu Caste System in Igbo Land within the Context of Complementary Reflection

Research Works within the ambit of Ibuanyidanda Philosophy (Complementary Reflection) and further readings

Essays on Complementary Reflection:

Beresford-Cole Joy

Eyo Arit Bassey

Okpabi Emmanuel

Onuoha Ihuoma

Burning issues in philosophy today from the perspective of other African/Nigerian scholars:

Works authored or edited by:

1. Princewill I. Alozie